Perla Bedroom Set

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  •  Designed as the continuation of Perla product group, Perla Junior Room Team is designed in opaque white color and is very stylish in terms of economical price and visual.
  • The decorative materials used in the Perla Youth Room Team stand out from the visual point of view with its distinctive and stylish appearance and its high locus legs on the ground.
  • Contry style air and design, the decorative application on the front cover of the units, the appearance that the pastel shades are dominant on the hands and the shape application given to the clapper on the upper part of the unit cover are enriched visually.


Product sizes

  • 3 Covered Wardrobe

    Depth: 64.60 cm
    Width: 135.40 cm
    Height: 214.00 cm
  • 2 Covered Wardrobe

    Depth: 64.60 cm
    Width: 92.90 cm
    Height: 213.50 cm
  • Study desk

    Depth: 59.60 cm
    Width: 115.80 cm
    Height: 159.80 cm
  • Commode

    Depth: 48.80 cm
    Width: 50.40 cm
    Height: 51.50 cm
  • Şifonyer

    Depth: 48.80 cm
    Width: 60.40 cm
    Height: 110.50 cm
  • Cot of 90

    Depth: 205.30 cm
    Width: 95.70 cm
    Height: 120.50 cm
  • 100 beds

    Depth: 205.30 cm
    Width: 105.70 cm
    Height: 120.50 cm
  • Bookshelf

    Depth: 48.80 cm
    Width: 51.00 cm
    Height: 174.80 cm
  • 120 beds

    Depth: 205.30 cm
    Width: 125.70 cm
    Height: 120.50 cm



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