Orleon Dining Table and chairs

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  • The buffet unit is made up of covers and drawers. The middle cover is kept short, the upper part is equipped with a drawer unit and the sides are covered with long areas.
  • High forum L shaped legs are used from the ground and the users are offered convenience for cleaning.
  • Stoplight system was used on the covers and quick shocks were prevented to ensure a comfortable usage and product life was extended.
  • The design has been visually enriched using a leaf-shaped mirror design.
  • The display unit consists of a cover part. The glass shelves used in the cover glass and in the unit for storage are tempered and safety precautionary.A trapping system was used on the covers, preventing rapid bumps, ensuring a comfortable use and extended product life.
  • Plasma Tv unit consists of cover and drawer partitions. There is a drawer unit between the two covers, and the upper part of the drawer has been enhanced with the empty space to accommodate DVD and satellite receivers. Stooping system was used on the covers, avoiding rapid impacts, ensuring a comfortable use and extended product life.
  • The desk is equipped with a table feature, and the table is for 8 people and 6 persons when it is closed. The design was supported visually using table L legs in different forms.
  • A deceleration system has been used on the unit covers to prevent rapid bumps and increase product functionality.
  • Back part of the chair has a certain angle and narrows upwards. The back and the font are completely upholstered.


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With extremely comfortable chairs, and a table that grows and shrinks, Orleon becomes the home of small family gatherings as well as large dining tables.


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