Orleon Bedroom Set

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  • In Orleon Bedroom color configuration, oak is used on the body and cappucino color is used on the covers.
  • Visibility is increased by using paint print on the cover edges on the unit.
  • Human health friendly, non-carcinogenic substances are used in E1 standards. These materials are resistant to scratching, rubbing and burning in use and have easy cleaning properties.
  • There is a space on the top of the toilet table where accessories can be used. There is a drawer at the bottom right of the toilet table.
  • The wardrobe has been enhanced in functionality by using shelf compartments and clothes hangers that allow the clothes to be stored.
  • 5 and 6 door wardrobe exterior drawer application is used, functionality is increased.
  • A deceleration system has been used on the unit covers to prevent rapid bumps and increase product functionality.
  • The units have been equipped with high legs on the ground and cleanliness has been ensured.
  • The Orleon Bedroom suite is a stylish addition to the contemporary design with elegant details, an unusual line, and a unique design with its oak and capucino color accents.
  • It has a modern design with both color applications and materials used as it is presented with elegance and aesthetics by interpreting with a functional design understanding.



Young and beautiful is the definition of Orleon Bedroom. The categorization divisions around you make your life easier with the details used in designing jewelry. The simplicity of the nightstand and the bed reflects the pleasures.


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