Nella Dining Table

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  • The color scheme of the Nella Dining Room Team is generally white and walnut in color and has a stylish and different design from a modern point of view.
  • The buffet unit has been upgraded using the upper drawer application.
  • The units are equipped with high legs and cleanliness is ensured.
  • Human health friendly, non-carcinogenic substances are used in E1 standards.
  • Thanks to the bookable table feature, the table can be up to 6 people when closed and up to 8 people after opening. In addition, a mini-book table for smaller spaces is included in the series as an alternative.
  • A deceleration system has been used on the unit covers to prevent rapid bumps and increase product functionality.
  • Thanks to the tempered glass, both the quality of the glass is improved and the damage that can be caused by the breakdown property is reduced to the minimum level.
  • With the alternative of a table with a mini-book, a choice alternative for more minimal rooms was created.
  • There are two different chair alternatives according to our consumers preference.



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