Elite Dining Table and chairs

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  • The Elite dining room suite is a suite that will bring our consumers the visual richness as well as functionality.
  • The Elite Dining Room Kit has an unusual line and is a top-notch design with avant-garde design combined with modern and classic lines.
  • Human health friendly, non-carcinogenic substances are used in E1 standards.
  • Thanks to the tempered glass, the quality of the glass has been improved and it has been reduced to a minimum level due to its dispersing property at breakage.
  • The units are equipped with high legs and cleanliness is ensured.
  • Thanks to the bookable table feature, the table can be up to 6 people when closed and up to 8 people after opening.
  • A deceleration system has been used on the unit covers to prevent rapid bumps and increase product functionality.
  • With its different lines and stylish design, the buffet has the same visual richness.
  • Functionality has been increased by using the karolaj application for spoons, forks and knives in the buffet.
  • The marble looking coating on the table top of the buffet and the book, the golden yellowish color applied floor and the high foot structure, our product is visually supported and a stylish design has been achieved.
  • The chair has harmonious appearance with the set, and the backrest and the tongue are used in the font part.


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The Elite Dining Room Team adds glitter to your evening meals by adding gold details to the design that is dominated by light colors.


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