Elite Bedroom Set

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  • The Elite Bedroom Set has an unusual line of design and is a high-end design with avant-garde design combined with modern and classic lines.
  • The Elite Bedroom suite is a suite that will bring our consumers the visual richness as well as functionality.
  • The golden finishes complement each other, the foot structure with different design, the bronze colored mirror and the stylish handles on the unit covers are visually enriched.
  • White color is generally used in the tool color configuration. The high gloss filigree color application combined with the golden yellow color.
  • The wardrobe has been enhanced in functionality with interior drawers, shelf compartments and clothes hangers, which allow the clothes to be stored.
  • Human health friendly, non-carcinogenic substances are used in E1 standards. These materials are resistant to scratching, rubbing and burning in use and have easy cleaning properties.
  • A deceleration system has been used on the unit covers to prevent rapid bumps and increase product functionality.
  • The units have been equipped with high legs on the ground and cleanliness has been provided.
  • The marble looking coating on the Toilet Tables, Nightstand and Dresser tops is supported visually by our high foot structure.
  • There are 3 wardrobe alternatives, 5 with door, 6 with door and Slide door.



Elite Bedroom Suite turns your bedroom into a wide world with cabinet shades, makeup mirrors, nightstand details and many more, while the nights are full of grace and the daytime is bright and refreshing.


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