Dante Delux Set

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  • In the lower leg of the product, a highly stylish design has been provided with the moving design, the back cushion application and the high loft feet from the ground.
  • Our team’s fronts come with elegant and different designs.
  •  A stylish look has been achieved with the moving design in the lower leg of the pants, ensuring the conceptual integrity with the team genius.
  •  With the bed mechanism located in the triple units of our team; If consumers wish, we will be able to use our product bedding with a very comfortable movement.


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  • Triple Sofa

    Depth: 101.00 cm
    Width: 230.00 cm
    Height: 79.00 cm
  • Bergere

    Depth: 84.00 cm
    Width: 82.00 cm
    Height: 90.00 cm
  • Triple Sofa (Bed Position)

    Depth: 118.00 cm
    Width: 180.00 cm

2 reviews for Dante Delux Set

  1. Leila Nciri

    It’s very beautiful

  2. Leila Nciri


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