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  • Designed as a Baron Product Group concept, our Deluxe team will add a different atmosphere with modern design, which will increase the comfort of your home.
  • The wicking applications in the product arms, the quilting applications on the lapel and square legs at the bottom of the triple and dual units provided both conceptuality and elegance with design details.
  • The product consists of triple and dual units.



  • Triple Sofa

    Depth: 110.00 cm
    Width: 223.00 cm
    Height: 86.00 cm
  • Bergere

    Depth: 90.00 cm
    Width: 76.00 cm
    Height: 100.00 cm
  • Double Sofa

    Depth: 101.00 cm
    Width: 173.00 cm
    Height: 86.00 cm
  • Triple Sofa (Bed Position)

    Depth: 129.00 cm
    Width: 183.00 cm
  • Double Sofa (Bed Position)

    Depth: 129.00 cm
    Width: 133.00 cm


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