Modern Design Sofa Sets

  • Troy Deluxe Set

    • Thanks to the Zero-wall technology, it is easily brought into bed and crate position.
    • In addition to modern design with high foot structure from the ground has added functionality.
    • Two different color alternatives are offered with walnut foot and white foot alternatives.
    • It is a product that will reflect your preferences with color combinations that you will make according to your preference with alternative color options.
    • In addition to its elegance, it has been added to functionality.
  • Vals Corner Set

    • The P arm structure has a stylish design with button and puller applications in the arm sections.
    • In addition to the modern design with high foot structure from the ground has added functionality.
    • Materials that are human-friendly, carcinogenic-free E1 standards are used.
  • Vals Sitting Group

    • It is a mix of modern and stylish design.
    • P-arm structure and button and punching applications in arm sections.
    • Thanks to the mattress mechanism in the triple units, it has the feature of being easily knocked down.
    • With alternative color options you will choose your color combinations and it will be a reflection of your preferences.
  • Vigo Corner Set

    • Make room for elegance in your home with button and puller applications in the P-arm structure, lower case and arm sections.
    • The functionality of the bed and the position of the chest are also included.
  • Vigo Sitting Group

    • A product that meets expectations with Chester style.
    • The P arm structure, the bottom case and the buttons in the arm section and the squeezing applications provide a modern look, as well as a stylish image.
    • The product has been modernized in a contemporary design and the buttons on the lower legs have been provided with a combination of button applications and a stylish design.
    • The function of the product has been increased by the bearing mechanism in the units with 3 units.