Modern Design Sofa Sets

  • Opera Sofa Set

    • It is a modern product with design details.
    • Chester style is interpreted with modern touches.
    • Modern structure, arm and back section of the nodes and puller applications have a very stylish design.
  • Orleon Deluxe Set

    • Minimal lines, blunt arm structure, comfortable seating comfort.
    • The natural wood-clapping application in the arm part, the high leg structure, the button on the wick and the back part, has a tendency to give a modern sense of elegance to living spaces.
    • Thanks to the “Zero-Wall” mechanism in the triple and dual units, it provides both a bed and a storage area with easy movement.
  • Palma Sofa Set

    • It will add freshness to your home with its modern style and foot structure in copper tones.
    • It has a comfortable structure.
    • Materials that are human health friendly and do not contain carcinogenic substances are used in E1 standards.
    • The units have high foot and easy cleaning.
    • In addition to its modern design with Zero-wall bed mechanism, it is provided with functionality.
  • Pekin Sitting Group

    • With the mechanism offered in Pekin triple, double and single seats, our product is comfortably relaxed and offers a high level of comfort.
    • The Pekin Sofa Set, which comes to the fore with its comfortable structure and functional features; a triple armchair, a double armchair and a single armchair.
    • The units can be preferred as modular.
  • Ronin Deluxe Set

    • Modern lines and comfortable seating comfort.
    • High leg structure, wicking and plectrum applications on the back part.
    • Thanks to the “Zero-Wall” mechanism in our triple and dual units, the Ronin product provides both a bed and storage space with ease.
  • Santa Deluxe Set

    • It will attract attention with button and puller applications located on the side of the arm.
    • In addition to modern design with high foot structure from the ground has added functionality.
    • The concept integrity is ensured with its aesthetic and distinctive design.
  • Santiago Sitting Group

    • Our Santiago Sofa Team has a stylish design with “Chester style”.
    • P-arm structure, high legs, colorful fabric preference alternatives are offered for sale.
      The buttons on the arm and back of our product have been provided with a special look with real trimming and quilting applications.
    • Our product can be chosen with two different color tones, cream and walnut, which are designed according to our chester style.
    • Santiago Sofa Set; one 3-seat, one 2-seat and two Berjer.
  • Santino Sofa Set

    • Vertical quilting applications in back sections, minimal style thin arm structure and retro foot design.
    • The Berjer has very different and effective design details with its splitting application and soft lines.
    • There is a double sofa alternative.
    • Zero-Wall bearing mechanism.
  • Scarlet Sofa Set

    • Its modern look will reflect your elegance and elegance in your room with its foot details in copper tones.
    • With the button on the back and vertical quilting application will attract attention.
    • In addition to modern design with high foot structure from the ground has added functionality.
  • Side Deluxe Set


    A special team for classical lovers who want everything together; Side. With its foldable seats, guests are welcomed in comfort accompanied by their color options.

  • Sole Deluxe Set

    • Minimal lines, blunt design, comfortable seating comfort and a product that will add value to your enjoyment.
    • High foot structure, wicker and button on the back part of the application of life with a modern sense of elegance will have a field.
    • Thanks to the “Zero-Wall” mechanism in our triple and dual units, Sole provides both a bed and a storage area with ease.
    • Our Sole product is available as a single seat alternative, and our product is now available as a BERGER option.