Modern Design Sofa Sets

  • Baron Deluxe Group

    • Designed as a Baron Product Group concept, our Deluxe team will add a different atmosphere with modern design, which will increase the comfort of your home.
    • The wicking applications in the product arms, the quilting applications on the lapel and square legs at the bottom of the triple and dual units provided both conceptuality and elegance with design details.
    • The product consists of triple and dual units.
  • Celina Sofa Set

    • It has a high-level design with gold-tone flap details and bump design lines.
    • Concept integrity is ensured with its barriers, modern structure and clapper applications in its back.
    • In addition to modern design with high foot structure from the ground has added functionality.
    • Thanks to the bed mechanism in the triple units, it can be easily bed.
    • It is a product that will reflect your preferences with color combinations that you will make according to your preference with alternative color options.
  • Dante Delux Set

    • In the lower leg of the product, a highly stylish design has been provided with the moving design, the back cushion application and the high loft feet from the ground.
    • Our team’s fronts come with elegant and different designs.
    •  A stylish look has been achieved with the moving design in the lower leg of the pants, ensuring the conceptual integrity with the team genius.
    •  With the bed mechanism located in the triple units of our team; If consumers wish, we will be able to use our product bedding with a very comfortable movement.
  • Elizya Corner Set

    • The product can be brought into bed and crate easily with Zero-wall mechanism.
    • It will add a modern feel to your home with its contemporary lines and minimal size.
    • It will add a rich air to your house with its puller application and ribs stitch on the arm.
  • Elizya Deluxe Set


    The Eliza Deluxe Team appeals to lovers of comfort, bringing home a splash with dazzling colors. The living room is equipped with unique pieces with color details. The comfort of your chair, the softness of the cushions and special pieces increase the quality of your stay at home.

  • Gold Deluxe Sitting Group

    Gold Deluxe Sofa Set with delicate lines that offer fine lines, coolness and elegance in your design
    • The gold-colored details of our products on the edge of the arms, the lower part of the triple units, are highlighted by the design that reflects the gold colored application lines which are the latest popular style with the main fabric applications and lükens foot structure.
    • Our product has the top design details with the button application on the back legs and the button and pull applications on the back part.
    • Our Gold Deluxe team has a pair of sofa alternatives, and our consumers will be able to choose our Deluxe Suite as our product.
  • Krea Sofa Set

    • Your home will have a modern look with its simple design, different arm structure and high foot structure from the ground.
    • It offers color alternatives with its gray, walnut and white color feet.
    • With Zero-Wall bearing mechanism; In addition to its modern design, it has been added to functionality.
  • Lucas Sofa Set

    • It will change the mood of your home with its simple stylish design and different chassis structure.
    • The concept integrity is ensured with the modern back cushion and blue foot structure.
    • Materials that are human health friendly and do not contain carcinogenic substances are used in E1 standards.
    • The units have high foot and easy cleaning.
    • Blue, Walnut, White color, there are 3 different foot color alternatives.
  • Mikado Sitting Group

    • There was a chic and modern ambiance with Chester style.
    • P arm structure, button on the arm and back, pulling and quilting applications and design visual richness.
    • It is a functionally bedded product and thanks to the high foot used in our product, it offers cleaning easiness.
    • Product sizes

      • Triple Sofa

        Depth: 98.00 cm
        Width: 223.00 cm
        Height: 84.00 cm
      • Bergere

        Depth: 86.00 cm
        Width: 86.00 cm
        Height: 97.00 cm
      • Double Sofa

        Depth: 98.00 cm
        Width: 173.00 cm
        Height: 84.00 cm
      • Triple Sofa (Bed Position)

        Depth: 117.00 cm
        Width: 183.00 cm
      • Double Sofa (Bed Position)

        Depth: 117.00 cm
        Width: 130.00 cm
  • Mira Sofa Set

    • The product’s high legs, session and macromas on the sides of the arm provide a modern look.
    • Functionality is ensured by the back bed mechanism in triple and double units.
    • Visualization has been increased by the splitting application on the back of the Berjer unit.
    • Mira Sofa Set is offered with two different foot alternatives: walnut and white.
  • Nella Deluxe Set

    • With the quilting applications in the arms of our product, the semi-eared design in the triple and double units and the bed-bed mechanism with backrest, the modern and functional concept harmonization was ensured with the Nella Dining Room Team.
    • Our product has high level design details with puller applications in the back part of the product.
    • In addition to modern design with high foot structure from the ground has added functionality.
    • The concept integrity is ensured with its aesthetic and distinctive design.